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High-Quality Blades for Cutting Aluminum Foil Carton Packs in NYC USA

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We Are Manufacturer of Steel Blades and Machine Knives

Specially crafted comb blades, serrated knives, and remodel fracture knives are expertly manufactured by us for different machine manufacturers, particularly in the packaging industry. Our blades are designed to cut packs of cheese or tomato paste with precision, ensuring that the packs are securely sealed and tightly vacuumed. All our knives have undergone rigorous examinations and certifications to guarantee seamless cutting processes.

TFI Co and UK Pioneers: Leading Steel Blade Manufacturers

TFI Co and UK Pioneers are sister companies dedicated to the manufacturing and global distribution of steel blades. We specialize in producing steel blades for renowned machines like Tetra pack TM for the food industry.

Decades of Expertise in Steel Blade Manufacturing

With a legacy dating back to 1965, we have been at the forefront of steel blade production. Our extensive catalog boasts over 12,000 different types of knives, each meticulously crafted for various industries. Among our range, we offer a specialized knife for Tetra Pak machines, equipped with a serrated edge for precise cutting of packages containing aluminum foil, plastic foil, glue, heat, and carton materials.

Respected Tetra pack machine knives NYC USA TFI Co.

Perfect edge for respected Tetrapack TM Knives made by TFI Co. Export to NYC USA

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